I recently received a PDF document as an attachment in an inbox. There was a problem with the blank pages of the PDF document. The situation has made me unhappy, I urgently want to see the contents of this PDF file. Can you offer me a solution?

Hola, I’ve got a PDF here that won’t open. While some files are easily accessible, Adobe PDF displays blank pages for others. Actually, I don’t know what the reason is, so give me a solution. Any help is appreciated.

PDF files are the only type of files designed with built-in security. To unlock PDF files, you need Adobe Acrobat. If these PDF files are large, it may take some time to download them. When downloading, these files may sometimes appear empty. To find out more, continue reading this article.

Switch to a manual approach to solve the problem of the white pages by simply clicking to delete the white pages in the PDF file. Use the following methods to help you do the same.

Handy article – Unlocking password-protected PDF files

3 Methods for solving the blank PDF page Problem

To correct the error, the user must go through the custom protocols listed below, which appear to give effective results.

Method 1. Check whether the web server is valid or not.

Normally problems are generated by the web server, resulting in a white page problem. In this case, users must view the PDF file using Adobe Acrobat. Make sure that you check, i.e. that the Adobe viewer on the Adobe website shows the valid version of the PDF document. If the version is correct, the problem is of course on the web server side.

Method 2. Disable browser preview

This switch-off allows the user to view a PDF document other than the browser in a different window by clicking on the viewer. This method corrects the common error ”PDF Blank Pages Problem”. Using Internet Explorer to fix the bug is not as effective.

Method 3. Saving PDF documents to disk

Try to open the PDF file in your local browser. If the user is using a version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, he must also follow these instructions to access the PDF. :

  • First right-click on Portable Document Format.
  • Second: Select the option Save target as option in the wizard.
  • Third: The paramedic will appear as.
  • In the Save As wizard, the user must specify the location of the PDF file.
  • Now click on the Save button.
  • Then go to the File menu, click Open and then click Browse.
  • Then select the All files type from the wizard’s menu bar by clicking on the All files option.
  • Now select the same PDF file that was saved in step 2 and click Open.
  • Finally, the file must be opened and viewed with the Acrobatviewer.

Disadvantages of manual methods:

  • Solving a problem using technical language is a process that takes time.
  • Follow these steps to avoid data loss.
  • For an inexperienced user, this process may seem tactful.
  • Does not save the resulting PDF file in a hierarchical structure.
  • There is no guarantee that an exact solution will be provided.

Procedure for removing blank pages from the PDF with the automatic tool

If the above method does not yield satisfactory results, try a business approach that fits best. One of those approaches is SysInfo PDF Recovery. This is a legitimate approach to deal with empty PDF pages, depending on the degree of corruption.

Integrated auxiliary functions

  • Fixes all kinds of indifferent errors related to the corruption of PDF files.
  • Restores multiple PDF files to your local system without loss of data.
  • The tool is compatible with all types of PDF documents generated by the different versions of the Adobe Acrobat tool.
  • Maintains data integrity after restoring the PDF file.
  • Use the standard recovery mode for minor mismatch problems and the advanced recovery mode for serious mismatch problems.

Last reference

We mentioned above the manual and automatic solutions to the problem of empty PDF pages. Moreover, in assessing the errors in the manual, it is clear that the approach to correcting the errors is not complete. In such a scenario, automated error correction solutions are considered more appropriate.

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