FaceRig is an open source platform that takes a photo with a webcam and creates various avatars. But now that this no longer works, people are looking for better alternatives to Facerig. In this case we can add different effects to the avatar and quickly share them with other platforms and make them available on YouTube. It also has many features such as creating face animations, blog registration, online chat and more.

The webcam allows you to create another avatar with image storage. However, if the free trial version of FaceRig does not work, you can use the alternative Facerig software to access and enjoy the benefits. To animate your face in practice and spice up your characters, the following section presents some alternatives to FaceRig.

15 best free phase alternatives

1. F clone

F-clone is one of those programs that allows you to create beautiful facial features by adding new human characteristics. This is possible thanks to the use of webcams. F clone is an excellent alternative when it comes to unique avatars where you can make good use of your creative mind.

2. FaceFX

As we all know, FaceRig is high-end software. However, FaceFX is similar to FaceRig, but free of charge. This is another great alternative to FaceRig that lets you create audio animations. To create a 3D avatar, you need an audio file. However, this alternative is an excellent, affordable and versatile option. From custom slides to the facial recognition option, there is much to use.

3. Muvizu Part

If you want to turn your animated ideas into reality and create a fantastic avatar in just a few minutes, Muvizu Play has what you need. Before you buy the premium version of the software, try the free version to get an idea of the features. In the premium video, however, you can access different characters and objects that you can add to your avatar and render to YouTube.

4. MocapX

If you want to use FaceRig for a popper, MocapX is another alternative to FaceRig that offers great options for creating a great avatar with great facial expressions. Here you can animate characters using the real-time functions of the camera. You can also use this software to record facial expressions offline. You can also add cursors, keyboards, joysticks, etc. to the avatar you create. Add eye movements to your avatar to make it more fun.

5. iClone

If you’re looking for the fastest alternative to FaceRig, no one but iClone can work miracles when it comes to creating innovative face avatars. This software is suitable for creating a professional avatar because it has some of the best features of the latest technologies. The 3D animation is therefore easy to activate, which makes the general use of the software very user-friendly. To create classic animated images using the latest tools, here is the software you need.

6. Gravity

This is another good alternative to FaceRig where you can create an avatar by adding various functions. Some reports show high-fives, dancing, running and so on. In this one you can customize your character by adding some mods and applying body morphing. In order to obtain practical and high-quality software tools, you need to purchase the premium version of the software.

7. Blender

Blender is another great alternative to FaceRig that lets you turn your avatar into a moving image. This free alternative to Facerig makes it possible to create, compose, visualize and create character sets of different forms of avatars. However, this software is also suitable for other operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac. If you are a beginner and are looking for an alternative to FaceRig, this may be a good option.

8. Word of insanity

It’s a popular alternative to FaceRig that allows you to create interesting animations. With some of the best editing functions, you can also create lip-synchronization and other functions. This is free software and you cannot use all of its features without subscribing to the premium version.

If you want to create video files, photo albums and videos for marketing and training purposes, this software is suitable. This alternative can also be useful for making videos for comedy purposes.

9. Light wave 3D

For creating 3D graphics and images, this is a good alternative to FaceRig, which offers free access to the application. This software is useful for graphic animations, video games, music videos, advertisements and other similar features. With this tool you can work with static and animated images. If you’re looking for an affordable and easy to use device, the LightWave 3D is the perfect choice. To connect the 3D connector and create great images, use the free version of the program now.

10. 3DCrafter

For creating images, adding 3D effects and other types of modeling, this 3DCrafter is a good alternative where you can use drag and drop to create a wide range of models. When creating animated scenes, you can place objects anywhere on the screen and adjust them if necessary. However, the above application is available in three different versions such as 3D Crafter, Pro and the Plus version and each of them has different functions. The Pro and Plus versions are paid versions.

11. Houdini

It is a procedure tool that allows users to work on their free version. With this application you can create and share playbacks on other platforms. It is a free application with easy-to-use tools. Users can explore a variety of creative options and visual effects. So if you want to make creative choices and make avatars, this software can be an ideal choice.

12. Animation Master

This is the right software to work with 2D and 3D animated images and render them on different platforms. This alternative, although sophisticated, is user-friendly and affordable. Another advantage is the versatility of the software and the ability to bring vibrancy to different animation projects by creating unique avatars with the software.

13. Gabsee

This alternative is ideal for Android and iOS, allowing you to create custom and cartoon-like versions of your images. The application contains a link to a 3D version of the image used in Bitmoji.

14. Logo

In this way you can communicate with other people with a unique character. Depending on the situation, you can add instructions and demonstrations and run them on different operating systems. You can customize the 3D characters by placing them in 200 different scenes.

15. Transverse camera

This alternative makes adding video effects and capturing video sources from multiple programs child’s play. This software is also suitable for video sharing. It also allows the simultaneous use of different programs.

16. Cinema storm

It’s an effective option that works quickly and helps you improve your media literacy. This software is designed for both beginners and professionals. With this software you can also make various film and media related edits to achieve the desired result.


The alternatives are therefore basically similar and have a wide range of functions, making them good alternatives to FaceRig. Before using the premium version of the tool, make sure you have access to the features via the free version. If you want to add real-time features to your characters and use them on different platforms, choose carefully.

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