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Thop TV for PC is looking for almost everyone who wants to watch live shows, movies, web shows and various other forms of entertainment. And I know you’re one of them, too, so the wait is over now. Because in this article I will explain how to download thopTV for Windows. You can then enjoy yourself on the thopTV PC or on the big screen of your PC or laptop.

Downloading Thoptv for PC is ideal if you want to watch your favorite drama series, sports such as IPL games, radio channels, movies and web series. With Thoptv and MacBook windows, you can have fun at no extra cost. All content available in the TV PC thop application is 100% free. Nobody needs a rupee to watch their favorite content on Thop TV.

Thop TV for PC

Free content available in this application from around the world This application provides access to several popular movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollwood, Pollywood, South India, Hindi synchronized movies, WWE shows, web series and live broadcasts. If you want to watch movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video but don’t want to receive a paid subscription, you can watch the best movies on Netflix for free after downloading thoptv for Windows 10, 8, 7 and MacBook.

What is Thop TV on your computer?

What is PC TV?

At the moment, ThopTV is one of the best television applications, or one can say that it is one of the best streaming applications that allows its users to watch free content and have a conversation. Due to the increasing demand for online monitoring/streaming, this application has gained popularity with a shorter time interval. If you have missed a TV program and cannot watch these programs at home, this application offers you these programs.

People like to watch their favorite content on TV because this application gives you the quality you want based on your needs. As for the other requests, you will see that there are only 3 or 4 quality options. But after downloading thopTV MOTCH for PC, you will see more than 7 options. And depending on your internet connection or speed, you can choose this quality option.

This application also offers you another way to better visualize the content of this application without seeing any advertisements. This means you can view your favorite content without buffering and with unlimited content. This should only be possible if something is displayed in the windows of the thoptv_v30_64bit exe. Live streaming is also available in this application and you will see that this option belongs to the Thop TV category.

file size 18.9 MB
Category Live television and entertainment
Version 43.0
Name of the application ThopTV for Windows 7, 8, 10 and MacBook
Developed by . IPTV
Downloads 20,000,000+
Evaluation 4.6/5

Features Thop TV

  • The ThopTV application has over 5000 live channels, which means you will see your entertainment centre.
  • In addition, radio channels are constantly used for different purposes and thopTV will help you listen to them.
  • Almost all films available in this application are subtitled in the language of your choice.
  • All content available in this application is available in HD quality.
  • If you are looking for the thoptv MOTK for the PC, this application is compatible with Windows and MacBook.
  • In this application there are several live sports broadcasts available, where you can also stream IPL, Kabaddi League, etc.
  • All content available there is 100% free.
  • Content available on Netflix, Amazon prime video, MX player, Hulu and various other video on demand (VOD) content is available in this application.
  • The interface of this application is very simple and practical.

ThopTV Startup steps for Windows, Laptop and PC

  1. ThopTV is not directly available on your laptop or PC and you need to download the thopTV exe file here.
  2. Nevertheless, several websites offer a download button for this application.
  3. With this download button you can directly download free thopTV for your PC.
  4. I showed you the above video on YouTube, and in this video the owner of the video gave you full information about this application and how to easily download it to your computer or laptop.
  5. In this video you can see the thoptv version for PC and download this application depending on your operating system.
  6. If you work with Windows, just click on it to download the Windows version of this application.
  7. But if you want to download the MacBook version of thopTV, just click the MacBook version of thopTV.

FAQ on Thop TV for PC

Q. How do I download THOP-TV to my computer?

Rep. You can download thopTV to your computer with thopTV exe or a file.

Q. Is ThopTV a Chinese application?

Rep. No, ThopTV is not a Chinese application because it is an Indian application.

Q. Is ThopTV available for PCs?

Rep. Yes, ThopTV is 100% available on a PC.

Q. Is ThopTV dangerous for our computer?

Answer: 100%, cheap. ThopTV will never damage your computer.


So, my friends, in this article I have given full information about downloading thopTV for Windows 10, 8, 7 and MacBook. If you have any problems, put it in the comment section. I will propose a solution as soon as possible and share it with others.

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