If you use Google Sheet, you have probably processed a lot of data and chances are that there are duplicates as well. Therefore, in order to avoid duplicate data, you must first identify it and then delete it.

If you mark duplicate data, it is much easier to see if there is anything left. This is a very difficult task when trying to detect duplicate drawings and manually remove them one by one.

Here we will explain the basic steps of tagging and removing duplicates in Google Sheets.

First open Google Sheets and then mark duplicate data.

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To select duplicate data in the same column of the Googlerecord

Step one: Open the worksheet and select a column. Then navigate to the conditional formatting button available in the Formatting rules field of the drop-down list.

Step two: Now use the formula =countive(A1:A,A1)>1.

Step three: You can use the above formula to mark double values when it fills the selected colors.

Step four: After following the above steps, click Done and all selected double values will be displayed in the same column.

You can repeat the same steps for the other columns to mark double values.

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If you want to mark double values in the middle column on the Google form.

Step one: If you want to select double values of a certain range in a column. If you z. For example, if you want to select double values from D1 to D14 in the same column, go to Formatting and choose Conditional Formatting.

Step two: Enter the data range D1:D14, then open the formatting rules from the drop-down list and enter the formula =countive(D1:C,D14)>1.

Step three: Here you can choose any color, and then, after clicking Done, all double values will be highlighted.

So far we have told you that you can select double values in one column and in every other column, but if you want to select double values in multiple columns, this is also very simple, just follow these steps

Step one: Open a Google spreadsheet and select multiple columns, then select the range B to F and click the Format button.

Step two: Here you have to click on the conditional formatting

Step three: It is time to use a very simple formula, just type =countive(B1:E,F1)>1.

Step four: Now select the color of your choice and click Done, all double values in the selected columns will be highlighted.

Now that we’ve explained how to mark double values, it’s time to remove them.

Removing duplicate values marked in Google Sheet is also a simple task, just follow these simple steps.

Step one: Open the Google page and select the column with the double values.

Step two: Click on the Data tab and use the option to remove the duplicate from the pop-up window.

The two steps above can be used to remove duplicates from any column on a Google page.

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