More than half of the world’s population uses Windows as their actual operating system. And the number of users is increasing every day. The requirements increase as users grow. Since some people want MacOS features or want to install MacOS on Windows, this is also possible. One of the most common questions most users want to ask is if we can install Safari on Windows 10 if it works. How to install Safari on Windows.

Safari is a MacOS browser that is particularly suitable for Macs. Safari works like Chrome, and you can open the view from anywhere in Safari. Chrome is as popular as the Google name, with new updates, articles, videos and lots of information and educational content. But for users of Mac or Apple products, you can search with Safari. You can also find very useful and informative updates in Safari.

With Google Chrome, you can find convincing and accurate answers to questions about your body, work, the world, school projects or other topics. Ask your question on Google, respecting spelling and grammar. And it shows the most relevant and recent articles, videos and interview results on your topic. Safari does the same, but with a different presentation. Google is a search engine and Safari is a browser. Safari is Apple’s standard application that comes with almost all Apple products, but that doesn’t mean that Windows or Linux users can’t install or use it.

Apple does not support Safari on Windows due to lack of interest. Until 2012 Apple supported Windows and Windows users could use Safari, but after 2012 Apple no longer supported Windows. But if you’re a Windows user, whether you use Windows 7 or 10, you can definitely use Safari.

Everyone has the choice and can use the desired browser. Some users want to use Safari because they like the way it’s set up and think it’s easier to use than Google Chrome. Users can update Safari, but when you install a new MacOS Catalina, the latest application updates are also included. Safari with the latest updates is pre-installed on MacOS Catalina. MacOS Catalina offers new features and updates for applications such as Safari, Music, Podcast, TV and more.


Apple has released new updates for Safari. That’s why most Apple users prefer Safari because it’s safe and fast in Safari. Safari blocks ads that users can follow and is one of Safari’s easy-to-use updates. You have the possibility to allow or block advertising. With new updates Safari pays more attention to copyrighted sites and services. The Safari browser monitors websites and manages cookies and website data. Safari users can delete the search history and see when they have performed a search. Safari has a lot of updates, which we will include in another article.

All Mac, iPhone and Apple iPad users can update their old version of Safari by changing various settings. If you want the Safari browser to work, you can reset it. To view the version of your Safari browser, go to the Preferences section of your Apple device and select General. Usually you click on the button Software Update. You can see the version of your Safari browser by clicking the software update button. According to Apple, these updates are not available for Windows users, but there is a trick. In this article I will show you how to install Safari on your Windows 10 PC.

How to install Safari on Windows 10 PC

Before you can install Safari on your Windows PC, we need to download it from a secure location. Download Safari via the link and choose the version you want to download. All versions of Safari are available. I recommend downloading the latest version of Safari, but you can download any version.

Download Safari

Please wait until the download is complete. Once the download is complete, double-click on the downloaded exe and the welcome wizard will appear. Click Next to start the process.

On this page, you must accept the license agreement and click Next.

How to install Safari on your Windows 10 PC?

Select the installation options for Safari. Select both options and click Next.

Select the location where you want to install Safari and click Install.

After you click the Install button, Safari starts the installation on your computer. It’s gonna take a while, so wait. When the installation is complete, a page entitled Congratulations will open. Click Done to complete the process.

The Safari browser is now loaded and installed in your Windows and you can use it.

How to install Safari on your Windows 10 PC?

I use Safari and Google, and both have their own features and cool things you like? Please let us know in the comment section below. If you want to know more about Safari and Google Chrome, please let us know in the Comments section. If you have any questions about the name or the installation process, you can ask them in the comments. In this way we create a new educational content. To support us, please register on our website and give us your comments below.

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