Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives in these times when we are on the phone a few hours a day. We use our phones not only to communicate, but also to entertain, educate, be productive and much more. So, if we ever forget our phone somewhere, we tend to panic as soon as we notice it.

If we can’t reach anyone or if we’re not connected to the Internet, we feel like we missed something and we don’t feel the need to reconnect. We are going to feel the need to return our phones immediately and force ourselves to remember where we left our phones in the panic. to find my iPhone at its last location in 2020.

Losing a phone can be a traumatic and costly experience, especially for young people who almost never lose sight of their phone. Not only the inconvenience and cost of buying a new phone, but also the risk of your data falling into the wrong hands if you lose your phone and cannot reach or find your current location. Thanks to modern technology, someone who picks up your phone can easily crack the password to open your phone and access all your data, from emails to shopping sites and chat messages to your credit card details.

If we lose our phone in the past and don’t know where we lost it, we have no other way to find it. But now it’s much easier to find your lost phone, especially if it’s an iPhone. All iPhones come with the Find My iPhone feature, which is useful if you need to search for your phone or if you need to lock and remove your phone if you think it’s stolen. You can find the current position of my iPhone even if your phone is unfortunately turned off or weak.

What it takes to find the location of your iPhone

To make sure you can find my iPhone when you last lost it, configure My iPhone in advance to get the most accurate location possible. Find My iPhone is available on all iPhones running iOS 5 and later. It’s absolutely free and it’s the standard feature of your iPhone.

You need to open the settings and click on your name at the top. Tap iCloud and go to Find My iPhone. Activate the search function on my iPhone and forward the last position.

How do I find the last position of my iPhone?

1. Find my iPhone

If your phone is still online, you can quickly and easily find the current location of your iPhone. Go to and click on All Devices. Information about your iPhone appears and a dot next to it indicates the status of the phone. If it’s a green dot, your iPhone is online, and when it’s last found, you’ll see the time it was last found. If it’s a gray dot, your iPhone is in standalone mode and you’ll see the last time it was placed before going offline.

Tap the device you want to find to view the map. You can click the Refresh button to get the latest location, move the map, zoom in and out to get the best view of the place. If you’re using a Macbook or other Apple device, you can also find the current location of your phone using the Find My application instead of going to

The application is very intuitive and easy to use, you can find the location of your phone in seconds. If you think your iPhone is near you, you can also click Play Sound under Search for My iPhone. Although it seems unlikely, sometimes you think you have lost your phone while it is just in your room, hidden under papers or under the bed.

You can also use the Lost Mode function on my iPhone. This feature allows you to remotely lock the device and display a message on your phone, including a way to contact you to return the phone if someone finds it. If Lost Mode is enabled, your Apple Pay System is turned off and your notifications are not displayed on the screen, so other people cannot see your notifications. To activate this function, select the Activate option in the Mark as lost section.

You can also delete your iPhone using the Find My iPhone function if you think your phone cannot be recovered. Backing up your iPhone to iCloud is a great way to make sure your data is well protected. However, if you do not have a backup, you will lose all data on your current iPhone.

The advantages of

  • Easy to use, available for all iPhone models
  • Free and easy
  • Find the phone in seconds with an exact location


  • It will not work if the unit is turned off.
  • It will not work if the battery is discharged.
  • The Lost Mode and Delete iPhone functions only work when your iPhone is online and connected to the Internet.

2. Google Maps

This method does not give you the real-time position of your iPhone, but if your device is offline, it’s best to move your phone to the last position. For this to work, you must have the location history enabled in Google Maps. Enables you to activate the Location History function:

  1. Sign in to your Google Account
  2. Click on your photo at the top right of the page.
  3. Select Manage your Google Account
  4. Go to Data and Adjustment
  5. Scroll down to the Activity Management section and activate the site’s history.

To use this method to search for your iPhone, you can go to Google Maps and sign in to your Google Account. Go to the timeline function in Google Maps and select the date you lost your iPhone. You can see the current location of your iPhone directly on Google Maps.

The advantages of

  • Works even if you don’t have the Find iPhone feature enabled on your phone.
  • Exact location
  • Free and easy to use


  • It only works if the Location History function is enabled for Google Maps.

3. IMEI number

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is a unique 15-digit code for each phone. Since your phone’s IMEI is unique, it would be useful to use it for tracking. To check the IMEI number of your phone, dial *#06# to get the IMEI number, or go to Phone Settings and press About.

If you didn’t write down your IMEI number before you lost your phone, you can check the original packaging of your phone or your contracts with your service provider, or in some cases your monthly phone bills – but this is less common. You can also check your IMEI in iTunes by following these steps:

  1. If you’re using Macbook, go to iTunes > Preferences.
  2. If you are using a PC, go to Edit > PC version settings.
  3. Click on Devices and then on Summary.
  4. Double-click on your phone number. Your IMEI number is displayed.

4. with your network administrator

If the above methods do not work, you can locate the phone using the IMEI number of the device. You can call your service provider and give him your IMEI number. They will be able to trace your IMEI number and possibly give you a location. If you are convinced that your phone has been stolen, you can also ask your service provider to blacklist it.

5. IMEI database

If your service provider cannot provide you with information about the location of your iPhone, you can use the online IMEI databases. You can send your IMEI number to these IMEI databases and they will contact you if your device is found. The IMEI database of the GSMA, IMEID detective and MissingPhones are some of these services.

You can also view EMEI tracking, flight check-in or mobile phone tracking. They are free and easy to use. Just go to their website and search for your IMEI number to see if anyone tells you they found it, or send your IMEI number to their database, and they will contact you if IMEI results are found.

The advantages of

  • It also works when your phone is switched off.
  • Works on all devices, even if the Find My iPhone feature wasn’t turned on.
  • Works even if you haven’t enabled Google Maps location-based service.


  • Low accuracy
  • No place to live.
  • Slower than other methods.
  • You can’t use it to erase your phone if you think it’s stolen.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q : Can you find your iPhone when it’s turned off?

A : Yes, you can still use certain methods to find your iPhone, even if it’s offline. First of all you can try to use Google Maps. If the location history feature is enabled in Google Maps, you can simply switch to the timeline in Google Maps to view your phone’s current location.
If you do not have the Location history feature enabled, you can try to locate your phone using the IMEI number. Call your service provider and ask them to trace your IMEI number and they will tell you if they can find it. You can also send your IMEI number to online IMEI databases, such as IMEID detective, GSMA IMEI database or MissingPhones. They will contact you if your phone can be found via the IMEI number.

Q : How do I find my iPhone?

A : If you have activated the Find My iPhone feature on your phone, it is easy to find your phone. Go to iCloud in your browser, log in and click Find My iPhone. You can view the status and position of your phone in real time when it is online, or the last known position when it is offline. If the Find My iPhone option is not enabled, you can check the Google Maps timeline to see if your phone’s location has been saved.
If both methods do not work, you can call your service provider and give him or her your IMEI number. They will contact you if they can find the location of your phone via the IMEI. You can also send your IMEI to certain IMEI databases, such as IMEI Detective or Missing Phones. If they find the location of your phone, they will contact you.

Q : How can I find my iPhone without searching?

A : You can go to the Google Maps timeline to see if your phone’s location has been recorded. To do so, go to Google Maps and sign in to your Google Account. Go to the timeline function in Google Maps and select the date you lost your iPhone. You can see the current location of your iPhone directly on Google Maps.

Q : Can you track your iPhone without the application?

A : The best way to track your iPhone without the Search for my iPhone application is to use Google Maps. You need to enable location-based services on Google Maps by following these steps
Once you enable this feature, you can track your phone using the Charts section on Google Maps.


Replacing a phone used to be a traumatic experience when you had to follow in your footsteps and experience moments of panic when you couldn’t find your phone. Thanks to the technology, you can now be at rest when you can’t find your phone. Follow the methods above and you will quickly return to your phone.

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