The craze for new games is unparalleled, but many players end up waiting too long, mainly due to the high prices of these new games. The good news is that here I’m going to show you how to download paid computer games for free and legally.

Of course, there are a lot of illegal ways to download paid games, so as a co-gamer, I think we should all appreciate the work and imagination of game developers. This requires a collective effort to stop the piracy of copyrighted games. But if you’re still wondering how you can get free computer games without spending a single dollar on paid content, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article I made a list of websites offering free and paid games. You can visit these sites and pledge them if you want free games.

Without further ado, here is a list of the top 10 sites where you can download free premium games.

Top 10 free and legal download sites for paid computer games

My Abandoned Properties

The first page of our list is a tribute to all fans of retro games. My Abandonware is a website that houses more than 14,000 games that have been abandoned by developers. On this site you can legally and free download and play some absolute classics like Lemmings, The Incredible Machine, Warcraft, Need For Speed and many others.

I don’t need to register to download games. To play the game, simply enter the title in the search field of the website, then click on the desired result and download the game file to your device.

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IGN Beta donation campaign

IGN Beta Giveaway – a website where you can find free computer games. It also hosts premium games that can be downloaded legally. In his latest gift, the website mentioned the most popular, Aftercharge. To gain full access to the matched games, you must become a primary member or IGN beta donor.

Usually promotional videos are filmed within a week for the latest releases, which is why many hardcore gaming communities have IGN Beta Giveaway as one of the most popular sites for downloading free games.

Subreddit Free games Rescue

Among the many sub-credits you can find on Reddit for free game editions, our gaming experts r/freegames found the best of all.

This section contains the most precise references to gifts and complete games offered by other players. Bookmark this page to become an early bird and get access to exclusive free offers.

For those of you who want to know more about free websites where you can play, or who want to be part of the best gaming community, I recommend joining Dampf-Reddit.


Steamgifts is the centre of the best players from all over the world. I highly recommend this site to new players, because you can learn how to make jokes legally, how to use steam gifts or how to become a member. Visit the Steamgifts FAQ section for more help with downloading legal and free games.

However, the website will ask you to share a link to your Steam account to help other members of the community find your profile and inform you about your winnings or to provide contact information for the person who won the game in your draw. Gifts on Steam are absolutely safe and guarantee that people cannot win games that they have already redeemed on Steam. This prevents fraudsters from finding loopholes on the site and thus protects the user base.

Sea games

For the most popular sites for free downloads of paid games, you should visit Ocean of Games before looking elsewhere. The website offers free downloads of the latest versions of games such as Resident Evil, Far Cry, GTA, RoadRash, Crysis and many more. The advantage of this site is that a user does not need to register to access his collection of hard-to-reach games.

You can legally download games from different categories such as Arcade, RPG, Action, Arcade, Battle Royale, Survival and many more. In the upper half of the homepage of Ocean Of Games there is a search field where you can directly enter the name of the game and find your favorite game.

Green Man’s Games

On the next page you can not only download free paid games, but also win the National Business Award 2018, among 25 other prizes. Green Man Gaming was founded in the UK and is an online video game retailer with a catalogue of over 6,500 games from nearly 450 game publishers.

Green Man Gaming publishes monthly paid games. If you already own the game, you can exchange your key with another user.


Under the leadership of GOG Limited and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Project CD, GOG offers almost 5 premium games a year free of charge. Following the launch of the digital distribution platform service for video games and films on the 26th. After signing a contract with Ubisoft in March 2009, the company was granted the right to legally publish the games in Ubisoft’s back catalogue.

Distribution via is absolutely safe and stays online for 48 hours.

Modest bundle offer

The Humble Bundle organizes feed key distributions and also helps you get free and legally paid games by providing a subsection where you can place your own requests and distributions.  What made the most impression on this website is the extensive collection of games, which are available at reduced prices. Humble Bundle sends a certain percentage of the prize money to charities and shares the rest among the game developers.

For users who want to play free computer games, I recommend to visit the site of Humble Bundle and add it to your favorites.

Under the motto For gamers, for gamers, for gamers, DLH.Net has been the legal source for free downloadable games for almost two decades. Initially, the site will publish jokes and tips from the game world and create the reputation of Dirty Little Helper who inspired the name

Users who register on the website are more likely to get free steam keys for DLH, or you can get free steam keys as a gift on the website.  It is one of the best, if not the best platform to find free and legally paid computer games.


Most smart gamers necessarily subscribe to the Steam community because there are many groups that distribute both free and paid computer games. About 114,000 free game users offer steam gifts, legal games, steam game keys, steam game cards or steam in-game items for free.

Another large community that has distributed nearly 100,000 games is the Game GiveAway Group, which continues to distribute the latest games.


I hope you’ve found this list of the top 10 websites where you can get free paid computer games. Let us know which site worked best for you in case I missed something worth mentioning. I often only update this list with the most accurate options. Also let us know which computer games you prefer to play.

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