Google tools for webmasters assess the process step by step:

The Google Search Console is an absolute must for all website owners because it allows you to measure the search performance of your website in an amazing way. We strongly recommend that you link your website to the Google search console so that you can take full advantage of all findings.

What is the search console and why should I activate it?

Google’s free search engine offers website owners a number of tools with which they can monitor the functioning of their website. Besides showing how your site develops in a search engine and how search engines see your site in the search results. You’ll get information about the keywords and traffic problems, find out what rich search results your content has generated, and learn how your multifunctional website is developing. You can also check whether Google has access to your content. Simply put: Use it!

Overview of Google Webmaster Tools with Yoast SEO :

Adding your website directly to the Google search console is done in a few simple steps. We will guide you through the procedure here. To start, you must have an account in the Google search console. Aren’t you trying to have an account? Join the Google search panel now. If you do, you can follow the instructions below:

1. Now go to the Google Search Console site and log in with your details or create a new account.

2. Click the Add Property button in the search options drop-down list.

Here you can add up to 1000 properties to your account in the search console.

3. Enter the URL of your website or blog and click Next.

Ideally, you should make sure you enter your common URL. For example, if your website must have exactly the same URL. Remember the end of the URL. If your site uses WWW or HTTP, you must also enable these properties. Google offers many ways to validate your website, and it is even advisable to include several options for security reasons. If you don’t know what’s on your website, it’s best to contact your hosting provider.

4 Click on the HTML tag to expand the option.

There are several ways to confirm your website, but we have simplified them for you. All we have to do is get the approval code to put it in Yoast’s SEO.

5.copy the meta tag

Mark the full code of the meta tag. Right-click the highlighted label and click Copy, or use the ctrl-c shortcut on Windows or cmd-c on Mac.

6. Subscribe to WordPress.
When you log in, you are in the dashboard.

7. Click on SEO.
On the left you will see a menu. Press SEO in this menu.

8. Click on the General button.
The SEO settings will be expanded to give you more options. Click on the General button.

9. Click on the Webmaster Tools tab.
This page contains all the fields to insert the verification codes for the different webmaster programs.

10. Paste the code into the Google field and click Save changes.

11. Go back to the Google search console and click the Confirm button.

Congratulations! You have linked your website to the Google search console! After confirmation and connection of your website you can send your sitemap. There are also several interesting things the search engine is ready to do!

Besides this method we can test Google Webmaster Tools with other methods. But this simple and easy method

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