Windows users are often faced with many problems that can result in a user not having a reliable Internet connection when using his PC. If the default gateway is not available in Windows 10, installing a new Ethernet driver may solve the problem. You can also change the power adapter in the power management settings.

What are the reasons why the default gateway is not available?

There are a number of aspects that can lead to such an error message on your PC.

Here’s some:

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  • Incorrect IP settings – Internet users have problems. One of the most common errors in Windows 10 is that the default gateway is not available. Incorrect IP settings can make your default gateway inaccessible, or even the configuration settings of your Internet Service Provider.
  • Outdated router settings and drivers – It has been reported that security solutions such as McAffee may block your connection, making the default gateway sometimes unavailable.



An unavailable standard gateway may block access and use of the Internet. So you need to find a way to remedy this situation, because it could cause you problems or prevent you from accessing the Internet.

Let’s see what…

Solutions for the standard gateway are not available

There are a few patches you can try on your PC to see if you can fix this problem.

The solutions mentioned in this article have proven their worth and I am sure they will help you.

If a method did not work for you, proceed to the next solution.

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Method 1: Check and install the newEthernet driver.

Check the Ethernet driver you are using to see if it is the latest version of Windows 10. If you need to install the latest Ethernet driver, please visit your motherboard manufacturer’s website. Download and install it. Then the default gateway error must be corrected.


Most Windows users have unconsciously outdated drivers. Share this article to help others. In addition, manual loading of drivers is quite risky and you can permanently damage your system if you load the wrong versions of the drivers. To prevent damage to your device, we recommend using the TweakBit Driver Updater as it is 100% safe. Any outdated drivers on your PC will be loaded automatically. The only disadvantage of the tool is that some of its functions are not free.

Method 2: Router Channel Change

Your wireless channel and dual-band wireless adapters may cause problems with the gateway. Access the wireless router to solve the problem by changing the channel from Automatic to Value.

Some users have reported that setting the channel to 6 has solved the problem with the default gateway, but you can try other options. In the meantime, refer to your wireless router’s user guide for more detailed instructions on how to make these changes.

Other users also recommend changing the encryption method to solve the gateway problem. The use of WPA-WPA2 worked for some users. So you can try if this option can solve the problem.

If the above methods do not solve the problem, try other coding methods. Also note that some encryption methods are outdated and do not provide protection.

Method 3: Changing power management settings for the power supply

According to some users, the inaccessibility of the default gateway can be solved by changing the power management settings of your network adapter. The following simple instructions will help you:

  1. Press Windows + X to open the Power User menu and select Device Manager.
  2. Locate the network adapter and double-click it.
  3. The Properties window opens when you click on the Power Management button. Make sure Leave this device turned off to save power is not selected.


  1. To save your changes, select OK.

We recommend that you find out what the network adapter is, what it is and how to troubleshoot problems with it.

Method 4: Change the power save mode of the wireless adapter.

Some users have reported that you can fix the Default Gateway Unavailable error by changing the power settings in Windows 10. The following simple steps will help you:

Method 5: Change the frequency of your wireless router

  1. Press the Windows + S button and enter the power settings. Search and select Energy Options in the menu.
  2. After opening the Energy Options window, navigate to the current plan and click Change Plan Settings.
  3. Touch Change Advanced Power Settings.
  4. Find the wireless adapter settings, select them and change them for maximum performance.
  5. Click Apply, then click OK and save the changes.

Most modern routers support the 5 GHz frequency, which may not work with your current adapter on this frequency. You have to raise it to 2.4 GHz. Most users reported that the change in frequency solved the problem of the default gateway. For more information about changing the frequency, see your router’s user guide.

Method 6: Change the wireless mode from 802.11g/b to 802.11g.

The problem of inaccessibility of the standard gateway can be solved by setting the wireless mode to 802.11g/b to 802.11g. To do so, follow a few simple steps described below.

  1. Start the network connections by pressing the Windows + X keys and select Network Connections from the menu.
  2. Find your wireless network adapter and right-click – select Properties from the menu.
  3. Click the Configuration
  4. Click on the Advanced tab and select the wireless mode. A drop-down menu appears, select 802.11g.
  5. Save your changes, then go back and see if the problem is solved.

Method 7: Use mains shell reset command

Another way to correct the default gateway error is to reset TCP/IP. But how do you do that? First execute the command line and then enter the command to reset the IP address by following the instructions below:

  1. Press the Windows + X key and select the command line (Admin)
  2. After starting the command line, type netsh int IP reset and press Enter.
  3. When the process is complete, close the command line and restart the computer.

Method 8: Remove McAfee

Users report that McAfee antivirus software sometimes interferes with the network configuration. This leads to errors, e.g. B. the standard gateway is not available. To solve this problem, delete McAfee on the PC and check if the problem has been solved.

Sometimes the tool you use to delete may not perform a full cleaning. However, use third party uninstallers such as Ashampoo Uninstaller or Iobit Advanced Uninstaller for best results, and they are free.

After removing the antivirus, your PC is protected by Windows Defender. However, you can install the antivirus software of your choice. Recommended antivirus software are Bitdefender, BullGuard and Panda.

Using the PC Restoro Repair Tool

We recommend the PC Restoro Repair Tool to all PC owners because the software corrects common computer errors. It also protects your computer from file loss, malware attacks and hardware errors, and optimizes your computer for optimal performance. The following three steps will help solve any problems with your computer and remove viruses.

  1. Download the PC Restoro repair tool from
  2. Start the tool and select Start Scan. The device detects problems on your Windows PC.
  3. Click on the Restore All button to solve the problems found.

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The above solutions may help you decide that the default gateway is not an available error, as discussed in this message. The most common causes are obsolete drivers or poor network configuration. Share this article to help others, and if you have any more questions, leave them below.

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