The ESports Awards have been presented every year for 5 years to honour the most outstanding talents in the field of ESports. They provide a platform for underestimated people who also organise major events and tournaments. The prizes are divided into 5 main categories, and each category then contains several subcategories for which prizes are awarded. The vote for this year ended on the 8th. November 2020. There were nominations for this year’s prize:

Banner of the year:

Ibai Top1G Timthetatman
XQC Asmongold Gaul
Sueggy Couragejd Pokimans
Death Nickmercs Dr. Lupo

Sports Personality of the Year:

Nadeshot Promote Dr. Lupo
Hecz Ocelot Sjokz
Froscurin GoldenBoy Counterfeiters

Sports content makers of the year:

Export, talk Ashley Kang UpUpUpDownDown
Nadeshot Hecz Grouchy

College Esports Award:

Tyrell Appleton Full University of Sailing NOW
NACE Carball College TESPA
University of California, Irvine. University of Maryville Kevin Hoang

Mobile game of the year Sport:

Arena of Bravery Mobile COD Free Fire
PUBG Mobile Fighting stars Collision-Royal
Mobile phone legends Collision between clans  

Sports editor of the year:

dime Epic Games PUBG company
Valve HOME superset
Psionix 2K Riot games
Ubisoft Snowstorm activation

Sports journalist of the year:

Ashley Kang Jarek Decai Lewis. Emily Rand
Richard Lewis Shields of Duncan Toran Jacob Wolf
Tyler Finnofire Herzberger. Adam Fitch

Supplier of sports equipment of the year:

Logitech Nvidia Razer
Respaun Products Fishing games DRAM
Foreign software Corsica Intel
Asus Rogue Elgato HyperX

Sports competition of the year:

The League of Legends Rainbow seat 6 Fortnite
Bravery Missile competition The call of duty: Modern warfare
CS:GO Dota 2 F1 2019

Exports partner of the year:

Lois Vuiton Nike BMW
Mastercard Intel Fuel for the Mountain Dew game
Redbull Logitech state farm

Website of the Year of Sport:

Dexerto The distribution of the Esports Exporting insiders
Export analyst ESPN Liquipedia
Inventions in the world HLTV

Export promotion agency of the year:

Accompanying motor Paper Crowns Hitmarker Jobs
ESG law Historic Mafia An agency that wastes
Character selection agency

Selection Price Jury:

(category deleted/no data)

Lifetime Achievement Award:

(category deleted/no data)

SeriesSports content of the year:

Difficulty due to smoke FCM-Legenden 100 Thieves – Flight
Voice communication G2 Chicago hunters are hunting… Fluid management team
History (Score Esports) Listen to podcasts

Sports team of the year:

CLOUD9 100Schiw Gambling
G2 export NRG Phase Clan

Sports exhibition of the year:

Lara Lunardi Har_Fi Peyton Display
Fusrofran Xenon Yves Creative
Glory to Lamot Littlejam Zack’Sneckie’Scuderi

Export The creative part of the year:

Searching for flies: Tree / Search Collaboration within the Liquid Marvel team Looking for the G2-Dream.
Opening of the League of Legends Cinematic Warriors theatre season Fionnon’s fire is the forger and his father. Dota 2 True Vision
Drink CTRL Faze-Clan 100-Tavez-Uno Tournament

Sports Creative Team of the Year:

Paper Crowns Seso Popcrop
Gypsy bib Hugh Bonnami Creative
Lady Estrada Euler Araujo Visual images of Impulse

Sports photographer of the year:

Logan Dodson Radoslav Much Kathy Eyre
A rich castle Chris Ott Kyle Miller
Helen Christianson Eric Ananmaley Michal Konkal
Peter Chow Stephanie Lindgren Nuno Miranda

Sports video of the year:

Perra Akidos Andersen Logan Dodsan Caroline Parker Stark
Cassidy Sanders Tuomo Wakewa Esteban Martinez
Charles Dalton Sean Doe Piet Nguyen
Julian Ramirez

Sports coach of the year:

Fabian Grubbs Loman. Lee Han Son Gong… Justin Lycan Forest
Krusty Dae-hee Park… Raymond Rambo Lucier… Robert Chrome Gomez.
Wilton zeus prado. Lee Zefa Jae Min Luo Bsi-Sheng.
Tobias Tau B Heberhold.

Consular player of the year:

Typical Pellegrin of Caden Ian Crimes 6 Doorman Victor’s lace fairy! Lokket
Anton Shotzi Cuevas-Castro James Paste Eubanks. Jacob Jacobs Knappman.
Donovan Tex Hunting Mossad Aldossari.

Beginning of the year in sled sports:

Enrique Zezino Lempke Jason First Killer Corral. Anton Shotzi Cuevas-Castro…
Indervir Illy Dhalival. Wake-up call for Joseph Conley Joris Horace Seals

Mobile sports player of the year:

Prabasvara ‘Luxxy’ bagus Bruno Nobru Luke ‘lferg’ Fergie
Naman Deadly Matghur Pan Fly Yunfei… Bagas Zuxxy Pushchair Audit
Frank Oskam, goblin surgeon

Export organization of the year:

G2 export Remote games Cloud9
Team jealousy Liquidity team NRG export
TSM 100 thieves

Computer sports player of the year:

The Zhuo Knight thing Kyle Boogie Jersdorf. Michal Nisha Janskowski
Rasmus peaks in winter Nam-Joo Stryker Kwon. Mattheiu Zywoo Herbaut.
Jay Siinatraa Vaughn. Nathaniel Rampy Duval. The primitive palaces of Lasse Matumbaman
David Tonizza Benjy Bengyfishy fish Troy Kanadec Jaroslavski

PC Sport Beginner of the year:

Edward Tactical Ra Jay Siinatraa Vaughn. Ryu Queria Min-seok.
Alec Fultz Matthew Wardell Yu. Mingi Spica Lou

Export team of the year:

G2 exports (LEC) High Performance Sport (LPL) Playing Damvon (LCK)
Distance games (Rocket League) Team Secret (Dota 2) Shanghai Dragon (OWL)
Team vitality (CS:GO) The shock of San Francisco (OWL) Distance games (R6)
Dallas Empire (CDL)

Export analyst of the year:

Jonathan Larsson’s backup. Jacob Pimp Winneche… Wolf Schröder
Ioannis The Mist Lucas Loveil Velly Cardwell. Antoine Rouleur without a name
Indiana Forskurin Black Burchill swing. Nick Cs De Cesare

Sports video of the year (colour):

Jason Moses O’Toole… Nick Cs De Cesare Joe Merc Deluca.
Andreas Vedius Day Henry Henry Greer Thomas Chance Esworth…
Mohan Laundry from Govindasami. Ioannis The Mist Lucas Indiana Forskurin Black
Michael Kixstar Stockley

Sports video of the year (playing through the games):

Ibai Ibai Lianos. Anders Blum Mitch, about Leslie…
Clint Maven Evans Owen Odpixel Davis. Trevor Quickshot Henry.
Clayton Captain Flowers Raines. Auguste Semmler Massonnath. Daniel Drakos

Sports host of the year:

James Dash Patterson Chris Pukett Alex Machine Richardson
Ana Xisde Eefje Sjokz member Lotti Vann Prague
Alex Goldenboy Mendex Jorien Shiever Van der Hayden… Frankie Ward
So Gschwind


The player of the month has been nominated for the title above.

(POTM October 2019)
(POTM November 2019)
(POTM December 2019)
(POTM January 2020)
Canadian (MOTP, February 2020) JKnaps
(POTM March 2020)
Lost (MOTP, April 2020) Reserve
(POTM May 2020)
ZIVO (POTM June 2020)
(POTM July 2020)
Bowlo (POTM August 2020) G2 Export


Satya Prakash Bharti
21. November 2020

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