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You can’t ride the
on a snowmobile without pants or bib.

When it comes to buying the best snowmobile pants, many options come into view because there are many brands that make snowmobile pants and bibs.

But which snowmobile should you buy?

To help you make your decision, I share with you some high quality 2020 snowmobile bottoms and pants that you can buy. They are warm, waterproof and protect against the cold wind when riding a snowmobile.

Okay, let’s take a look at her.

My personal recommendation for men

If you’re considering buying a snowmobile, I personally recommend Climb Keweenaw. However, if you feel that this particular product does not meet your standards and expectations, I would be happy to recommend the insulating bib from the 509 series.

Klim Keweenaw’s bib makes use of a uniform insulating barrier on the legs and the bib. The insulation is supported by the Gore-Tex membrane, which is waterproof and windproof. In this sense, it ensures that it keeps you dry in such extreme weather conditions. It is also equipped with 3M Scotchlite reflective material, which is used for safety purposes.

It offers a choice of sizes, very comfortable storage pockets with waterproof zippers to store things like electronic equipment and tools, an extra protective layer for your knees to keep you safe on your lap, and finally a full side zip for your legs to give you enough room for ventilation.

On the other hand, the insulating bib of the 509 series uses a thermo-regulating fabric and 5TECH waterproofing technology, which prevents the penetration of moisture. Flexible side panels for a thinner, more adjustable cuff circumference provide an articulated fit, full mobility and head-to-toe comfort.

Any one of these snowmobiles is good, it just depends on what you choose. So don’t forget to check.

My personal recommendation for women

If I only need to recommend two bibs for snowmobiles specially designed for women, I’ll take the Renegade FXR and the Climbing Alpine Women bib.

With breathable water and HydrX Pro thermal insulation, the FXR Renegade FX is an excellent choice for women. Sealed seams in critical areas and reflective inserts provide protection. The adjustable waist system gives you plenty of room for flexibility, the ventilation system and ergonomic pockets with sturdy, waterproof zippers make it easy to store small items.

Klim Alpine’s bib uses Dry Gore-Tex, a three-layer dry technology, and adjustable systems such as waist, wrist and shoulder straps. A ventilation system with waterproof YKK zippers in the open spaces gives you plenty of space to move around and land.

In the factory both snowmobile bibs are good. Each of them is a good buy because of its characteristics and rating. This recommendation can help you get the most out of your snowmobile with these products.

Comparison of snowmobile pants and bibs for men.

  Climb Kevinau bib 509 Isolated splash flaps Platform bump lock X FXR Renegade FX Pants KLIM Powerhawk trousers 509 Bracket with bib
Technology Gore-Tex shell performance 5TECH High strength 600D Nylon bowl HydrX Pro Laminate Three-layer shell technology: Gore-Tex performance 5TECH Pro turbo charged
Insulation 3M Thin Insulation 3M Thin Insulation Thin insulation No insulation Thin insulation Fusion welding
Hardware Robust nylon construction A durable water-repellent (DWR) material that is leading in the industry. Adjustable nylon construction REP X TECH 4-way stretch nylon coating High strength nylon construction 300D polyester
Design The 3-in-1 hybrid bib turns into a wooden bib. Full side zip and waterproof for easy access to the boot 360° length control Dry venting system with outer and inner thigh zippers Convertible pants / bar design Discharge bib The connection bib can be attached to the discharge jacket to fully protect the suit.
In Bold VELCRO® brand belt hinges and adjustable belt buckles 600d Reinforcement 500D Airdura® Knee reinforcement Full length quadruple zipper with inner pocket and press stud fastening, high performance waterproof zippers Removable anatomical shield for the knee joint Full length side zipper and inner thigh zipper for a smart indication of the ventilation hole.
Our result 97/100 97/100 96/100 95/100 95/100 94/100
Prices See the current price. See the current price. See the current price. See the current price. See the current price. See the current price.

Comparison of snowmobile pants and bibs for women

  FXR Renegade 2021 Female belly Lock X Phase Bib Alpine female bib Climb FXR Women’s trousers 2021 509 Bracket with bib
Technology HydrX Pro waterproof laminated hull Ven-Tex 2.0 High-quality three-layer Gore-Tex formwork technology HydrX coating 5TECH Pro turbo charged
Insulation Heat insulation by bending 3M Thick original insulation Exclusive Climbing Chair Drying Technology Dry thermal insulation Fusion welding
Hardware Robust nylon/polyester construction with all-round stretchable nylon/polyester construction Sturdy polyester/nylon jacket 3M Tartan Reflective Material Durable polyester 300D polyester
Design FXR Dry Vent Snowproof ventilation system with moisture-resistant inner thigh openings Pre-curved and padded knee plates with hinges Powder Guyter integrated boot warmer Nylon taffeta lining Discharge bib The connection bib can be attached to the discharge jacket to fully protect the suit.
In Bold Adjustable/removable system for rear carriers Reinforcement of the seats, knees, lifting and wrists 2 zippered outer pockets, 1 back pocket Adjustable increase and decrease of the zoom. Detachable bib with organisation pockets and stretchable inserts
Our result 96/100 95/100 95/100 94/100 90/100
Prices See the current price. See the current price. See the current price. See the current price. See the current price.

Bibs for the Best Mens Snowmobile

509 Isolated splash flaps

The 509 insulating skirt has an improved design with 5 technologies. This fabric is waterproof and breathable, with Cordura 300D polyester and 600D reinforced polyester zones for an even warmer and more waterproof shib and pants.

It is completely covered with 200 gram thick insulation that stops the cold and can therefore be used on snowmobiles at temperatures below freezing. The seat also has a 5Ride safety zone that isolates you from the outer layer of the material, giving you extra warmth. Thanks to the 5Tech material, this bib is extremely light, even with 200 grams of insulation.

On the sides of the pants – zipper ¾ on the legs, making the shoes quick and easy to reach.

This bib has a medium height, with expandable side panels for a better fit and more aggressive. It also features removable integrated kneepads for added protection.

The insulating bib 509 is available in four different colours and has an attractive design. Available in sizes XS till 3XL. Others, however, have noticed that the side zip tends to malfunction from time to time and can be difficult to use.

The advantages of

  • 5Technical design
  • 200 grams of fine insulation
  • 5 Anti-spin zone
  • Light
  • Stretching the side walls
  • Many attractive colour options

Climbing Tundra Bib

This Climbing Tundra bib is both versatile and durable thanks to the Gore-Tex body and the Cordura 600D outer material. Thanks to its highly breathable construction, it guarantees dryness and comfort during the winter season.

It offers 3M thick insulation with 380 grams in the main part and 100 grams in the bib, making it one of the hottest bibs Klim has ever made. This thermal insulation package is strategically positioned to provide heat and weather resistance for snowmobiles in extremely cold weather.

It also has a hand warming pouch with a checkered buffalo stocking brush for extra warmth for your hands.

Other features include full-length double zippers and main zippers that can also be used as a folding seat, as well as lateral tension inserts and front bar holders – all of which contribute to the overall fit and functionality of the bib.

For your comfort, the bib also features a highly functional legging system, cargo pockets for storage and a functional steering wheel that allows you to wear it like normal trousers.

The disadvantage of the Climbing Tundra bib is the lack of colour choice, because it is only available in one colour.

The advantages of

  • Gore-Tex, the performance shell
  • 600D Cordura exterior design
  • Total 480 grams 3M thick film insulation
  • Hand heating bag
  • Full length double zipper
  • Can be worn like normal pants.


  • Only available in one colour.

Lock X Phase Bib

The Castle X bib holder has a high-quality polyester/nylon housing, Ven-Tex 2.0 and DWR coatings. The combination of this design gives Castle X the most durable, windproof and breathable bib.

It has 150 grams of 3M thick insulation over the entire length of the bib to keep you warm while snowmobiling.

The bib features pre-bent and articulated knees, pre-bent reinforced seats, knee and lever cuffs, as well as comfortable, stretchable hip sections for a better fit and protection in these important areas.

Many snowmobile enthusiasts love the stretchback accordion, which is a great extra feature for extra mobility and flexibility on aggressive snowmobile rides that require more movement.

It also features a 360˚ length adjustment function and a two-way full-length zipper for easy entry and exit and extra protection against snowfall.

Lock X Phasing is only available in black. Others liked the fact that the bib had a lot of Velcro to protect it against the ingress of snow, but they wanted the Velcro to be a bit stronger.

The advantages of

  • Sturdy polyester/nylon jacket
  • Wind- and waterproof Ven-Tex 2.0 and DWR coating
  • 150 grams 3M thick insulation
  • Prolongation of the action accordion
  • Adjustable length 360˚


  • Only available in one colour.
  • Velcro can be improved

Best Bibs Women Snowmobile

Lock X Women’s platform Bib

The Castle X platform edge is made from a high strength 600D nylon shell to ensure maximum strength and quality. The outside surface of the sink is DWR treated and the sink materials are PU coated to remove snow and any out-of-warranty moisture and keep you dry and warm all day.

It features 150 grams of Castle ColdShield padded insulation along the entire length of the bib to keep you warm and comfortable while snowmobiling. This thermal insulation provides sufficient heat, even in extremely cold weather.

The stroke length adjustment function on 360 ̊ allows you to adjust the length of the stroke to your needs for tighter or looser installation. It also has a lateral bending zone for a more precise fit.

A double-sided zipper along the entire length of the leg makes it easy to get in and get dressed. It also has a Velcro system that allows you to shorten the hem by a few inches if it is too long for you. Below you will find internal snow guards attached to your boots to protect you from snow penetration.

The Castle X bib for women is only available in black and in sizes XS to 2XL. It has two zippered pockets, but others wanted more pockets for more storage, especially for ladies.

The advantages of

  • Robust nylon shell
  • DWR coating and PU coated housing materials
  • 150 grams ColdShield Lock® padded insulation
  • 360 ̊ Length adjustment function
  • Full length double sided zipper with Velcro closure at the hem.


  • Only available in one colour
  • A couple of bags

Toby Fingo Bib

The Fingo bib is a durable, lightweight, non-insulated bib that is particularly suitable for adventurous women.

The two-layer construction of the valve uses Cordura for a robust shell and a 45,000 mm thick Sympatex membrane for exceptional performance in snow. It is also equipped with Armortex-Kevlar in areas of increased wear, such as the knees, inner calf and ankle cuffs for greater strength and resistance to abrasive surfaces.

Fully waterproof and windproof, this snowmobile is highly breathable for maximum comfort while protecting you from snow and other elements in harsh environments.

The bib has adjustable straps, an adjustable waist and a side zip at the hip and a stretch fabric at the back so you can adjust the bib to your own taste.

It’s equipped with built-in gaiters with metal hooks to keep snow off your equipment while you’re driving a snowmobile. It also has five outer pockets for generous storage.

The drooling Fingo Tobe has an attractive design and is available in three colors that women love. This bib is warm enough for most snowmobile rides. However, it may not be suitable for extreme cold as it does not provide insulation for these extreme conditions.

The advantages of

  • Two-layer blanket made of solid rope and Sympatex membrane
  • Impermeable to water and wind
  • Lightness and breathability
  • Many pockets
  • Many attractive designs and colours


  • Not suitable for extremely cold temperatures

Polar butterfly

This Polaris gas bib is specially designed and sculpted for all women looking for an aggressive snowmobile.

He has 180 grams of 3M thick foil on his legs and 100 grams more at rest. This heat insulation kit is cleverly designed to keep you warm for longer.

The 300D polyester jacket, in combination with the DWR coating, provides effective waterproofing and protection against aggressive environments, allowing moisture to be retained even in the toughest conditions in wet snow. The durable polyester outer material is incredibly soft and offers more comfort and mobility without being stiff.

It has standard size leg zippers, which are lined for drop-shaped comfort, and the reduction of seams and joints between the legs contributes to greater comfort.

The Polaris throttle valve has a simple but refined look and is available in grey and black. This bib is very warm and ideal for extremely cold weather, but some people think it can get a bit bulky and heavy.

The advantages of

  • Total 280 grams 3M thick fabric
  • 300D Polyester exterior
  • EPR coverage
  • Full foot zips
  • Soft and comfortable fabric

Snowmobile pants vs. snowmobile pants

Most snowmobiles often face the dilemma of having to choose between a start number and pants. Bibs are bib pants. Operators familiar with snowmobiles are well aware of the difference between the two.

However, if you are a beginner and confused, I would tell you to choose snowmobile pants because they offer more comfort and freedom of movement.

Bibs provide an extra layer on our stomach and back, which most people don’t like in zone
, because under zone
there are layers of warm clothing, and when you add an extra layer, you feel like you have more volume.

However, for some riders the start numbers are still on the list. Riders who appreciate the extra layer of protection on the front and back are on bibs. Sometimes during the race a jacket or jacket is lifted, leaving the back open, which can be uncomfortable, and the bibs of the snowmobile come to watch.

While snowmobile pants protect all of our buttocks, snowmobile pants also protect most of our breasts. Some bibs have the ability to remove the straps and turn them into pants that function as an efficient and stylish device with a dual purpose.

If a person follows the starting numbers, he or she must walk more than the size of a normal pair of trousers in order to be able to move freely on his or her sled without obstacles while driving in hilly and snowy areas. In most cases bibs have more pockets to store various small items of your choice.

The pants,
, on the other hand, helps riders to jump and enjoy the full-body movements of
. Pants are also cheaper than bibs and offer more mobility

Things to consider before you buy a snowmobile bib and shorts

When buying bibs and snowmobile pants, there are a number of things to take into account.


First of all, trouser size
is an important factor to take into account. Not all brands are of the same size; accessories vary from brand to brand.

Different brands have different concepts and different size availability. Some brands, such as Oakley, tend to make loose-fitting pants, while some brands that focus on mountaineering prefer a slightly slimmer look and you can wear both models according to your snowmobile preferences. The same goes for the bibs of snowmobiles.


Waterproofing is a crucial factor when purchasing bibs and pants for snowmobiles. It protects you from rain and snow and the unpleasant sensations when you are wet.

The material of trousers specified in
should consist of a waterproof lining, as defined in
, permeable to moisture or other moisture, containing the hot dry rider specified in

impregnation is generally performed using a membrane in the outer jacket of
fabric, such as GORE-TEX, or an additional coating to protect against moisture from
. The resistance of the tissue is measured by the amount of water
it retains before leakage.

If the
material has a nominal water resistance of 20k before it begins to drip,
means it retains 20,000 mm of water per square inch before the
material begins to drip.


The weight of the insulation is measured in grams, and of the grams of insulation in snowmobile pants the pants will be warmer.

In the
range of 30 to 800 g, the degree of insulation can vary from
per pair of trousers. The insulated pants provide optimal warmth and make the
an excellent snowmobile for protection against harsh winter conditions.

The insulation of the trousers is made of a fleece material or a synthetic material such as Primaloft. Insulated trousers are usually waterproof. Carapax wood is another option you can choose, but it has no insulation and can only be worn to keep it warm.

Snowmobile pants offer a little more insulation than snowmobile pants. And if you want maximum warmth, you should bring your snowmobile suits. I wrote a good article explaining the best snowmobile costumes this season, you can read it.

Respiratory capacity

The respiratory capacity of
is inversely proportional to the water resistance and depends on the quality of the tissue of
. The degree of respiratory distress depends on the amount of sweat
as a result of the activity.

-fabrics such as Polartec NeoShell are waterproof and breathable. The
is measured by measuring the number of grams of water evaporated by the substance in
24 hours. As an example, 20k
waterproofing agents that absorb 20,000 grams of water can be used. Therefore, the air permeability of the
is also important for snowmobile shorts that can be worn with the
and can be appreciated while driving to protect the driver from perspiration due to the overheating of the


Reinforced handcuffs have a very important function. Because of the lighting, the handcuffs of the trousers take up most of the attraction. To prevent snow from getting into the snowmobile’s snowshoes, there are always scratch protection strips on the inside of the hem. Snowboarders have internal corridors to keep the snow at bay, but for snowboarders it is absolutely essential that the handcuffs are securely fastened.


Taschenin’s men’s trousers are different from women’s trousers. The
pockets on the women’s trousers are smaller and less voluminous, but not the ideal
bag to store more stuff.

While the
pockets on the men’s trousers have more storage space and are better suited for the
to store various items that may be needed during storage.

The most comfortable is a hip pocket or carrying bag, and can often be found in men’s trousers on snowmobiles.


These are surprisingly useful features of a bib and pants of a snowmobile. These features keep the gloves in place when not in use, or an extra pair of gloves you wear can be hooked into the hooks of your pants.


function that can be considered useful is the dental device. The
straps can turn your pants into a bib and fix what you were wearing under the
. If you want to go to a bar nearby or another
place after your trip and don’t want to look boring, you can always take off the
straps and show off your pants.


Seams or zippers allow moisture to penetrate into your equipment. Always choose
trousers with sealed seams. The seams are constructed in three different ways, namely

Tape connection, with critical tape, weld.

Tape connection :
These seams are designed to seal the waterproof material
at the edges of the seam so that no water particles can get into

registered :
They are similar to tape seams, but the
is only waterproof in areas of high humidity.

Welded joint :
It’s the most expensive plug-in model of all. It is also the lightest of all
fabrics, and instead of a seam the two fabrics are joined by


This characteristic of the
appears normal, but it is very useful in that it is possible to pre-form the knee area of the
to prevent it from wearing out in the area of the
where friction is most likely to occur, as no rider drives the
with only one straight leg and periodically flexes the knee, producing friction in the
. These are pants with kneepads.


This factor
is important to adjust the waist size to the desired size
of the rider. It comes mainly with Velcro, so the
is easy to wear and can be adapted to different layers of clothing.


To ensure that the
gives off heat on sunny days, many snowmobile pants have internal or external ventilation from the hips of the
, and sometimes both. However, the outer openings of the thighs are generally
larger. This ensures good cross ventilation. Another important factor in the decision to purchase snowmobile pants are the ventilation openings.


It is important to keep up to date with the latest technology when it comes to producing your favourite brand of trousers or workwear.

Manufacturers continue to improve existing models and add the best designs, and it’s important to stay informed before they own a pair of snowmobiles. It was an honest attempt to get some of the best snowmobiles of 2020 and some great snowmobiles that I hope you will enjoy.

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