Is it true that you often make videos, but you don’t look so professional, stylish and tidy? If so, you’ll be sure to look for ways to give your video the makeup you want. The fact is that if you want your videos to get the best out of your audience, you have no choice but to give a fully prepared picture of these sources. Of course there are free Intro Maker templates you can use to execute this plan. The following sections will help you with simple tips and tricks to give your videos a professional touch.

Tips for a professional makeup of your video

1. Always use the rear view camera

Although making a video is a rule of thumb, it is a moment you will probably forget. Although the use of a rear view camera is recommended in many cases, there is nothing better than the traditional approach of using a rear view camera when you want to give your video a polished and professional look. When you switch to the rear view camera, your photos will be more focused on the landscape, giving them a sleek and stylish look. When speaking into the camera, look into the lens and never look at the screen.

2. Centre of gravity and stability

The basis for making fascinating videos is to keep the camera constantly in focus. Most modern cameras have a built-in image stabilization function that helps maintain video stability even when it has its limitations. Remember, if you take a picture from film, you’ll probably shake the camera. This is a moment to remember when using Invideo, a video tutorial for YouTube. So focus more on recording video in static mode.

3. Ideally, record the video in Landscape Mode.

Do you want to make your video even more impressive and elegant? You need to do one simple thing: put the phone on its side and record the video in landscape mode. Selecting landscape mode allows you to take more images for the video, which means less panning on the left and right side. This is a simple trick that will inevitably lead to the most satisfactory results and as such you can certainly afford to rely on this traditional approach.

4. Try to add as many networks as possible

If you choose the portrait mode for video recording, you increase the risk of blurred corners that significantly slow down the appearance of the video. The only way to avoid this problem is to add as many frames as possible to the video. This way you can add a background to your video for reference. With most devices this is done with a few simple adjustments. When you add a grid to a video, it is aligned in the background to ensure that users can capture the video without any problems.

5. Lighting

This is very important if you want to make a video for Facebook or Instagram. Although troubleshooting is not a major problem, it is a fact that underexposed or dark video causes some problems with the video. Keep in mind that it is almost impossible to cheer up a video by avoiding the possibility of video quality degradation or by not recording unwanted noise. In low light, it is difficult for the camera to maintain sufficient sharpness because it is constantly moving away from focus. If you choose an automatic mode and the lighting conditions are not suitable, the camera will start resetting the frame rate, resulting in shocking videos that are difficult to correct later. This means that you need to adjust the lighting conditions before you start recording the video.

6. Dare to experiment with angles

You want to make your video completely autonomous? Then dare to experiment with camera angles. Instead of the usual approach in which all movies are recorded at eye level, you rather rely on wide-angle shots, where you get closer and closer to the subject in the picture. You can edit the images later. You can also hold the camera above your head to film the action from above. Or you can try to stop by bending over. You should try more of these tips to give your video a unique and exclusive touch and increase interaction with your audience.

7. Foot hem

You will probably use the Magnify button on the camera when you decide to capture an object at close range. However, this approach is wrong in practice. The best approach would be to try the sole of the foot. That’s why most cameras are equipped with a digital zoom, which can slow down the image quality. In addition, the following provisions shall apply: The more you try to zoom in, the more likely you are to make jerky videos, whether or not you are using the Image Stabilization feature.

8. Correct useEffects

But above all, the effects must be used with caution and care. By adding effects you can upgrade the video, exaggerate it, but you will certainly irritate the viewers. So make sure you never overuse effects or compromise to make the video work with the audience.

It is also necessary to use the time-lapse function properly and hold the camera for a long time. To add more drama to your video, it is advisable to use the slow motion mode, but you need to do it in a smart way. Also try the cinematograph, which is a good mix of static and cinematographic images. If you try these tips, you’ll probably be able to make your videos even more professional.

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