If the future is determined by the Internet of Things, Alexa is not far from being a torchbearer of AI-based technology that will make life interesting and comfortable for everyone. As for the future, Amazon is known to sell tens of millions of Alexa-based devices such as Echo Dot and Echo Spot by 2017. Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are intelligent Alexa-based speakers that can do useful things in your home. But do you know how to make it work? We will distribute the top 60 Alexa 2020 teams that are useful in your daily life, whether you shop or search the internet.

You can start your experience with Alex by telling Alexa what you can do and discover the amazing skills of your AI assistant. But for those of you who have just become the most popular AI wizard on the market, here’s a printed list of the top 60 Alexa 2020 teams that will make you a master of your Alexa smart speakers, also known as Amazon Echo/Echo Dot.

So, are you ready to call Alexa? Here we go.

Alexa’s best teams in 2020: Same as

1. ask for help

If you need help solving problems, just ask: Alexa, help me. Or you can start a conversation with Alex by saying Alex: Let’s talk.

2. Changing the volume

You want Alexa to turn it up? Try telling me: Alexa, set the volume to 10 or Alexa, increase the volume by one level. If you want to lower the volume, say Alexa, lower the volume. It’s as simple as that.

3. Pause or pause Alexa: Alexa, shut up or Alexa, take a break.

Top Alexa Time Management Teams

4. Sound the alarm

Setting an alarm clock on your Amazon Echo is child’s play. All you have to say is: Alexa, set the alarm for 6 a.m. or any other time you want.

5. Set the timer: Alexa, set the timer for 20 minutes.

6. Know the present time: Alexa, tell me the time.

7. Cancel the timer: Alexa, turn off my timer.

8. Check the remaining time until the next alarm: Alexa, how long till I wake up?

Dear Alexa Fire Teams

9. Control the television from the fire: Alexa, [play, pause, resume, fast forward, rewind, stop] on Fire TV.

10. Search for movies and TV shows on Fire TV : Alex, search [Insert Movie/TV Title] for Fire TV or just ask him, search [Insert Movie/TV Title] for Fire TV

11. Find other films directed by an actor: Alexa, show me the credits for Leonardo DiCaprio on Fire TV.

12. Open the application: Alexa, run [name request] on Fire TV.

13. Switch to Game Station: Alexa, go to the Fire TV playlist.

Top Alexa Teams for Violin with Alexa Skills

Alexa has over 25,000 voice applications in the Alexa Skills Store. There are many voice applications, and it is this feature that sets them apart from their competitors. Skills are very important for the Artificial Intelligence Assistant, as he offers many services, from American Express payment to Hubert travel.

As an intelligent assistant, Alexa has learned over the past year to help people immeasurably by discovering skills.

After activating the skill in the Alexa Application Skills section, simply say Alexa, play [insert skill name]. Yes, that’s it!

14. So if you want to check the stock price, say Alexa, ask me to open the auction for the Apple price. This is the opening clock for Alexa’s skills.

15. Knowing the weather.

Evacuated by the clouds outside? Don’t worry, you know when to expect clear skies. For information about the weather, please visit : Alexa, how’s the weather in Melbourne, Australia? Especially if you live outside the United States. If you live in the United States, just ask: Alexa, how’s the weather… or Alexa, is it cold outside? One might even ask: Alexa, what’s the room temperature?

Note: Alexa still has some problems with accurate weather information if you live outside the United States.

16. Long live the taxi!

Don’t you have time for an interview or a party? Alexa can order Ubers Fahrt for you. Tell Alex I want to come with you, instead of telling him, open the Uber Crafts.

17. Find out which movies are playing in your area.

Feel the insatiable panoramas to see the latest fantasy film in the cinema? Alexa will let you know which movies are at the movies right now, let me know: Alexa, what are the movies playing here? and Echo is mixing up all the movies playing in the cinemas.

18. Receiving Traffic Information

Do you feel restless because of the traffic situation in your city? Do you want to take the car to work? Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Can you ask Alexa questions like, uh, movement? Or Alex, traffic. That’s all I’m saying.

Best Alexa Food Team

19. Order a pizza: Alexa, open Domino and organize.

20. If you’re a fan of Pizza Hut: Alexa, tell Pizza Hut to order.

21. Ask for recipes: Alexa, how do you make pineapple pizza?

Bonus Skills If you’re at the zoo and want to know what you’re going to make for dinner (thanks to a long, winding day), you can ask Alex to come up with some great ideas for dinner. Single set: Alexa, ask my kitchen what’s for dinner. And it’s all ready!

Top Alexa teams receive location information or business

Speakers of Amazone-Echo and Echo dot have the ability to perform extensive web searches and browse sites such as Wikipedia to accurately answer your questions on a range of topics including metric transformations, cosmic facts, hidden ocean mysteries and history.

22. Demand for countries, lakes, etc.

For example, if you want to know the capital of a Balkan country, just ask: Alexa, what is the capital of Romania? Or do you ask questions like Alexa, the deepest lake in the world?

23. Questions about books and authors

I’d like to know who wrote the science fiction book, 2001: Space Odyssey? All you have to do is ask: Alexa, who wrote in 2001: Space Odyssey? And Pat gets the answer from Alexa: Arthur K. Clarke.

24. Questions about mountains and oceans

Most people know that Everest is the highest peak on the planet. As far as Alexa is concerned, the odds are probably even bigger! To test your knowledge you can ask questions like: What is the second highest mountain peak in the world? All you have to do is ask: Alexa, what’s the second highest mountain peak in the world? It’s the same thing you can ask: Alexa, how wide is the Grand Canyon?

25. Search directly on Wikipedia

Just want to visit a Wikipedia page about a famous place, company or person? Just ask Alexa, Wikipedia L.A. and Alexa will give you a detailed history of the city’s past, its population, etc.

26. Read more about your favourite programmes/movies.

Want to know more about the characters on your favourite sitcom? All you have to do is ask: Alexa, who’s playing Sheldon Cooper in the big bang theory?

Top Alexa Teams for Online Shopping on Amazon and other E-Commerce Sites

Buying at Alexa’s is a trap. All major Amazon members can use Alexa to place orders and even cancel or re-order large items of the e-commerce giant.

27. Freight order

It’s good that Alexa remembers your latest purchases, so you can tell Alexa about them, reorder your shoes, and your AI employee will understand which brand of shoes you prefer and which size suits you best.

28. Ordering a new product

Grease Alexa, order shoes and Alexa will give you a list of possible shoe purchases or even send the search results to your smartphone.

29. Add products to your shop and product list

If you want to quickly incubate some missing items on your shopping list, ask Alexa to add the eggs to my shopping list.

30. Check your shopping list

Once your shopping list is ready, you can ask Alexa to create a list of items to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Go ahead and say it: Alexa, read my shopping list, and you’ll see.

Best translation team Alexa 2020

31. Translation from other languages into English

If you have a guide or dialogue in an exotic language, you can ask Alexa to translate it for you. You can ask Alexa questions, translate muy bien gracias into English and Pat will give you Alexa’s answer. Very good, thank you. You can also find the translation in your Alexa application.

32. Translation from English into other languages

If you are not a native speaker, you can ask your ultrasound technician to translate the sentence into another language, for example Spanish. Go ahead and say it: Alexa, translate how to deal with Spanish.

You will also find translations in your Alexa application.

Top Alexa Teams for Audiobooks

33. Reading audio books

Another unique, useful and entirely new feature that has helped Alexa increase its involvement in the competition is the introduction of teams for its proprietary audio book service called Audible. If you bought an audio book from Amazon, you can ask Alexa to read it to you. You could ask: Alexa, play the Count of Monte Cristo by ear. Of course you can enter the name of the audiobook of your choice.

34. Pause or Resume Audio Book : Say Alex, break or Alex, go on.

35. Browse the chapters of the audiobook: Alexa, next chapter or Alexa, previous chapter.

36. Go to a specific chapter: Alexa, go to chapter [insert number].

Top Alexa Teams playing music

Music lovers are happy! After a long and winding day, you can go home and listen to your favourite music while lying on your bed. Because Alexa is well equipped to play millions of songs in many genres of streaming services such as Spotify, iHeartRadio and Amazon Music. Very useful, isn’t it?

37. To listen to your favorite song, just tell Alexa you’re playing my favorite melody and Alexa will immediately sing your favorite song. Wait, there’s more!

38. Look at the song playing

If you have a Spotify playlist, you can ask Alexa to recognise the song currently playing on your speaker. All you have to do is ask: Alexa, what’s that song?

39. Change the song.

Alexa was smart enough to change the number according to her mood. Order Alex to change this number.

40. Spotify Playlists

Spotify Premium users can link their Spotify account to Amazon Echo for the ultimate music experience. If you want to play a certain playlist, say BritPop, order: Alexa, play my BritPop playlist.

41. Play music according to your mood/activity

If you use Amazon music, Alexa can play the right music for your activity, i.e. when you train, learn, cook or take a nap. For example, you can ask Alex if you want to play psychedelic music or if you feel sleepy.

42. Music research based on genre/artist.

If you want to skip a long playlist, order Alexa to play a specific song or the music of a band of your choice, depending on the genre or artist. You could say: Alexa, play the Oasis song.

Alexa’s top teams read the news

43. Stay up to date with the latest news

If you are looking for information or news from Alexa, you can go directly to the Flash Briefings section of the Alexa Skills Store or to the Alexa application. To hear your newsletter, just ask: Alexa, what’s on the news? There you go!

44. Get Inspiring Ziths

You can also add inspiring quotes, dedications and daily news feeds. All you have to do is ask: Alexa, what a quote of the day, and so on.

Alexa’s top teams in mathematics and mathematics

45. Relatively simple calculations

Problems with mathematical questions? Now Alexa can fix them for you in no time. There is no need to turn off the calculator for every complicated calculation. All you have to do is ask: Alexa, what’s 973 plus 67? Or Alex, what’s 79 plus 7?

46. advanced mathematics

Alexa has also perfected its ability to solve complex mathematical equations. For example, if you try to say Alexa, 43 factorial, you will be struck by a strange combination of decimal numbers and strange numbers that may seem strange in space-time.

Best Alexa team for definitions and spelling

47. Calculate the spelling

If you want to understand the spelling of complex words, you can ask Alexa how to write the passeggiate. Of course you can insert the word you want.

48. Search for definitions

You can search for definitions/meanings of foreign-sounding words you do not know. For example, could you ask Alex what the definition of a fjord is?

Top Alexa teams for hosting

49. You want Alexa to be a loyal subordinate? Do you want Alexa to greet you when you get home from work? You don’t have to exaggerate. Tell Alex I’m home and Alexa will greet you with a personal greeting.

50. Celebrating someone’s birthday

Alexa could be your partner if you’re celebrating a loved one’s birthday. You can ask the ultrasound machine to play a birthday song that Alexa says, sing Happy Birthday.

Best Alexa teams for phone calls and text messages

Currently, Alexa’s Echo and Echo dot devices allow you to call toll-free numbers in limited countries such as the United States, Canada and Mexico. But with the Alexa DropIn feature, you can make free voice and video calls to users who also have an Alexa-compatible device at home.

51. Let’s say, to call another user: Alexa, call [insert name].

52. Pick up the phone: Alexa, pick up the phone or Alexa, pick up the phone.

53. End the call: Alexa, end the call, or Alexa, hang up.

54. Sending SMS

If you feel a little lazy to print a message to your friend Alexa with the help of a companion, it’s only vague: Alexa, message [insert name] or Alexa, message [insert name] send.

55. Read the news

Conversely, you can say whether you want to play unread messages: Alexa, play your messages.

56. Check the messages : Alexa, what did I miss?

Care to see some of Alexa’s funny teams? Here are the 250 best Alexa Easter eggs that will whet your appetite.

Top Alexa Teams for Sports fans

57. Get the latest data from the English Premier League Tournament Board: Alexa, what’s the EPL score?

58. Discover the results of the game: Alexa, give me my sports news.

59. Find out who won the game at the end of the night: Alexa, did [team name] win?

60. Check the results of the game: Alexa, what was the result of [insert team]’s match?

Alexa’s best teams in 2020: Execution of voice commands (bonus function)

With Alexa AI, you can now create custom voice commands and schedule events, such as reading information, traffic, or weather forecasts, using a feature called routines, which gives it the bandwidth to perform multiple tasks with a single instruction. But to do this, Alexa needs to be connected to an intelligent dome device, like the Internet of Things.

For example, you can make a routine every time you come home and tell Alex that I’m home and the lights are on. You can also say the opposite: Alexa, I’m leaving, and all the devices connected to the smart house are out.

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And, uh… that’s the end! Did you like our list of the top 60 Alexa 2020 teams? Did we miss a great team you know? The sound is turned off in the comment area.

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