Company websites are almost impossible without blogs. This section is designed to help you promote your brand/product/service, build a positive reputation and become an opinion leader. Creating a corporate blog is different from diaries or columns by authors. What influences its effectiveness and how can it be built up?

According to the basic principles of journalism: Relevance and objectivity

A company blog cannot be filled with articles in which we are the best, and the competitors do not deserve your attention. Of course we have to talk about our benefits, but also about our performance and innovations. But you should not slander your opponents, and empty odes will not provoke a positive reaction. Write down what you can do and how you can be useful, and give the reader arguments to justify your choice. But let the receiver take care of it at the same time.

The second aspect is relevance. Write your news today, because there will be no news tomorrow. This is a brief note about new features, the addition of a convenient payment method or the expansion of options, but will be published as soon as the changes take effect.

When it comes to specialized information: Trend analyses or new products on the market must also be published in good time. Demand for this product was high – write immediately! If you are waiting for more information, all participants have already published their paper and yours is irrelevant.

Feel free to publish the ideas and life shackers that came to mind during your professional life. This will be original information that will certainly attract attention.

Give detailed information to the authors and inform them about the desired results

Freelance writers often rely on a corporate blog. Or contact security. More information can be found on the website of the editorial consultant. It’s a great idea to design the section well. Talk to the author about the company and its history, and explain to the target group (for whom and why the documents were written).

Every author needs the publisher.

Of course small companies want to save on textual content and hire an artist when they are fully occupied. The quality of the articles decreases when the editor has to write a large number of texts per day. It’s a bad idea, especially if you don’t have a full-time editor.

Every author will tell you that it is impossible to find all the printing errors in your own material, even if you have read it ten times. But when you open someone else’s text, you immediately notice extra commas, confusing endings and other errors. That’s why large companies have their own content editor, who monitors quality and reports improvements.

Installation of professional plug-ins

A good CMS designer will not rob your website of interactivity. For example, if you have a restaurant, install special plug-ins. These additions make it possible to nicely decorate the restaurant’s menu and separate the categories: Breakfast, lunch, etc.

Similar developments are taking place in different areas and activities: Booking, meeting planning and much more. The introduction of a corporate blog is not only about the content of the information, but also about the transitions to attract traffic and potential customers. This is not possible without comfortable buttons and style.

Content optimization and working on the content

You have to forget dozens of keys to get to the top. It’s inefficient and ugly.

The first thing optimisation involves filling in fields with SEO headers, disclaimers and creating readable URLs. It is preferable to do this from the same person who wrote the article to avoid discrepancies in the overview (description) and content. Meta tags, attribute changes – don’t forget them.

Just one more thing: Check for ambiguity and spam. Copyright for blogs must be 100%.

Spam is the number of words and repeated requests. It is recommended not to use more than 30% for job/activity descriptions and 40% for info logging. But in materials with a narrow profile, words are often used that have no analogy. Because of this there will be more spam than we would like.

This is not a critical indicator for a search engine. The most important thing is the uniqueness and structure. But you have to be careful with words that cause a lot of spam. If it is a dictionary and terms, try paraphrasing a sentence or removing unnecessary terms. In other cases you have to search for synonyms and enrich your own dictionary.

Something else

Launching a corporate blog does not stop at publishing ready-made material. The next step is to respond to the comments, moderate them and post a new message on social media to encourage the public to read and discuss the topic.

If you hire a freelance writer, you can significantly reduce the cost of your blog. I see: If you find a good interpreter, stop applying and give orders all the time. This way, your blog will be filled in the same style and you won’t have to explain your needs to new editors dozens of times.

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